1. Experts say the best diet is the DASH diet. Although the DASH diet was not designed as a weight loss diet , has inadvertently become the best diet because it not only reduces excess weight, but also reduces coronary risk.
  2. The second place is occupied by the Weight Watchers diet. This diet was chosen because it not only allows you to lose weight easily and safely, but progressively.
  3. In the third place the TLC , another diet that was not intended for weight loss, diet ranks but through certain mechanisms of action allows you to reduce other risk factors such as dyslipidemia and thus lose weight.
  4. The Mediterranean diet is chosen in fourth. The qualities of this diet are well known and proven .
  5. The Ornish diet was also chosen as one of the best though , this was not designed for weight loss, but as a cardioprotective diet. There are even scientific studies supporting its properties for your heart and reduce risk factors such as obesity
  6. The sixth  place is occupied by the diet of the Mayo Clinic and the volumetric diet. The latter can lose weight , heart and care in controlling blood glucose
  7. The Jenny Craig diet is a diet that has the endorsement of the American Heart Association , being considered a diet that let you lose weight and take care of your cardiovascular health
  8. Within this list “The Biggest Loser ” diet is also mentioned , whose success is based on weight loss , through competition, the participants trying to change habits and learn to eat .
  9. The vegetarian diet is considered one of the top 10 diets, as it protects the cardiovascular system can be complete if well combined food and helps to lose weight
  10. Finally the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet or the Zone diet , not listed in the healthiest diets, as they are considered and unbalanced protein diets that may eventually damage your health.

In my opinion the best diet in the world is one that allows you to lose weight healthily , taking care of your heart and reducing various risk factors such as high cholesterol , diabetes and hypertension among others.
Remember that changing eating and living habits, it is possible to lose weight without risking your health.